General Tax Services

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Provide all the necessary paperwork listed below and we will email you your tax return for review once complete. Please note that payment in full is due before filing.  No upfront cost prior. 

We will send to you, via secure email, the documents along with the bill to sign.



1.  Any W-2 forms you might have from another job.

2.  Any 1099 forms you might have from other jobs. 

3.  Any 1099-INT forms from banks, stocks, mortgage companies or 1099-DIV forms from investments.  Also if you received a Connecticut refund you will get a 1099-G form.

4.  If you own a home please provide you statement from your loan company which will show your mortgage interest and property taxes on it.  If you have a line of credit I will need that form also.

5.  If you rent and have a home office please provide the amount of rent you pay, the total square footage of your home and the square footage of your office.  This would also apply for a home office in a home/condo you own.

6.  Any student loan payment information.

7.   Any interest earned from bank accounts or stock portfolios.

8.  If you are married and have children I will need names, DOB, and SS numbers.

9.  A copy of your tax returns from the year before as they will have numbers on them I will need for the current year.

10.  Your Date of Birth


1.    Car mileage (usually a huge write-off) the make, model, year and the year purchased.  Give me your total miles driven and the total used for your business.  The current write-off is 0.54/per mile.

2.    Home office as we discussed above I would also need all the utilities and real estate taxes on the property or just the utilities if you rent.  Gas/electric/water/garbage/oil etc.

3.    Items we can write off cell phone/land line expenses/internet expense.

4.    Any advertising you may have done website, business cards etc.

5.      Office expenses:  pens/paper/anything from Staples or a office supply store/ink cartridges etc. the more the better.

6.      Meals and entertainment any meals or entertaining you have done on behalf of having your company.  Even coffee etc everything counts.

7.      Any product you have bought to package your product for sale.

8.      Meeting fees/seminar fees/bridal fees or any other fee you paid.

9.  Travel expenses – plane fare/car rental/trains etc.

10.  Hair/nails and clothing expense (you have to look good to sell)

11.  Dry cleaning of your uniform and other business clothing.

Please give me the above information in a spreadsheet form or a typed list so that I do not have to charge an hourly rate to add up for you.

Standard rates: (Depending on how many W-2 Forms/1099 Forms and Schedules you need)

Single tax return with 1 Schedule C (E-File)


Married couple with 1 Schedule C (E-File)


Other Charges



Paper File                                       


other more (flash drive / CD)           


Rate vary after that depending on more schedules needed and more State filings